2014 Friday Night Drags / Test & Tune Presented by AAA of Southern California


Race your own car for $20
Spectators $15
Kids 12 and under FREE!
Gates Open @ 7pm. Racing at 8

Friday Night Drags are open to everyone! Take it to the strip. Show your buddies how fast your car really is with a time slip to back it up!

What to Expect-

First Timers
- From ShagNastyRacing via the Famoso Forums
"Once you are in the pit area, find a place to set up your pit (if you need to do anything to your car/truck)


May 2
May 16
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July 25
September 12

then take your car to the tech line. For a street vehicle you don't have to have much, just basic safety stuff. No leaks of any kind dripping off your car, radiator overflow canister (stock on your year vehicle) and seat belts. At your speed you don't have to wear a helmet but I would, it adds to the race car feel.

Once you are teched pay attention to the announcer for lane assignments then get in your lane and wait for your turn. If you have never done it before, go out to the starting line and watch a few cars first. Look where they line up, check out the beam placement so you will know where to stage your car. Pay attention to the line officials and their signals.

As you are driving a street car and I'm assuming you won't be running slicks be sure to drive around the water box once you have been signaled to come to the line. Once rolled in watch for the signal to do your burn out, or in your case adry hop as heating street radials dose nothing for their stickiness or performance, it just wastes rubber, then roll up to stage. Take your time. Light the top bulb then creep forward to light the bottom staging bulb (this is where coming up and watching how it works will pay off). Once the two bulbs are lit be ready the lights will start descending then you are off.

One other safety thing to remember is that if you are in the left lane, let the right lane car leave the track first, DO NOT TURN IN FRONT OF THEM. This is just good manners and will keep everyone safe."

- If you think you may go faster than 13.99 et in the 1/4 mile, bring a Snell Certified helmet (2005 or better). "Required in all vehicles faster than 13.99 seconds. Helmet must meet SNELL 2005 or better standards (must have label inside of helmet)."

Tech Inspection
- Your car will have to pass a tech inspection after you have paid the race fee. Tech for most street cars is pretty simple. No leaks, radiator catch can (standard on most cars), seat belts, all the lug nuts, pretty basic stuff. For cars going faster than 11.49 (very few street cars) you will have a separate set of rules that apply.

What to Wear
- Think about it. You are driving on a race track. Wear something appropriate for racing. No shorts, bare legs, tank tops, bare torsos, or bare feet permitted when racing. Don't wear nylon clothing (track suit/workout clothing material). This stuff is highly flammable and if/when it catches fire it will melt and stick to your skin. Very nasty stuff. Blue jeans, driving shoes or closed toe shoes with the laces tucked away securely, a flame retardant shirt (cotton/nomex) and a pair of race gloves are perfect for street cars.

Loose Items (Ballast)
- Before hitting the track, take out anything loose in the car/truck. The last thing you want in an accident is something flying around in the drivers area. Leave it at home or leave it in the pit area.

Speed Limits
- Once inside the facilities, observe the speed limit of 10mph. No burnouts, donuts or goofing off. You will be kicked out. Save the speed for the track.

Track Surface
- Famoso Raceway is one of the few drag strips in the world to have all 1320 feet of the racing surface in concrete. The first 300' have been concrete for as long as I can remember. The surface is prepped with a layer of rubber on top of the concrete. You will never know that you are racing on concrete. The concrete surface offers nothing but advantages over the old asphalt surface. Thermally stable (heat and cools at a more predictable rate), very low absorption (oil and fluids stay on top so we can burn them off), and less undulation (flatter/smoother). In short, it is the premiere racing surface on the West Coast.

Pro Race Cars
- The test and tune is open to everyone. Hot Rod to Top Fuel and everything in-between. The track is prepped and the crews are there. Call in advance for licensing passes. Must meet current NHRA tech for ET run.

Have FUN!
- Bring your friends or invite your enemies. Line up for grudge races against your arch rival and settle it on the track. Make some tweaks and go another round. Street cars can get in 3-5 laps on average in a night. Some guys/gals get a lot more by hot lapping. We run past midnight.
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